21 August 2009

Stereo Moons

Stereo images, and especially those of planetary surfaces, are a big part of what I do. I've been searching for a suitable place to host these images and some of the products I've been making from them. So if you like, please leave some feedback so that I post more! I will explain more about these in the coming days and weeks, right now I just want to begin uploading some of the dozens of images and Videos I have been generating the past 20 years or so . . .


Perspective Views of Ariel
Data derived from stereo topographic mapping of Voyager images. (Thanks to Ted Stryk for 2 desmeared images)
Credit: Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute

All images credit: NASA/JPL and Paul Schenk/Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston
All data files credit:  Paul Schenk/Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston

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Dennis said...

Just found your images, and remember discovering stereo images of the sea floor oh some 45 years ago, and was totally captivated then... your images are equally captivating as well. Thanks for posting.
--Dennis Noson